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home energy upgrade information

7 June 11

Food Crisis of 2011

2 March 11

AMBAG residental energy plan
            AND             (at the same place)
CFL disposal info.

2 March 11

Food Crisis of 2011

2 March 11

plastic bag ban and letter of support link

1 February 11

From Alliance to Save Energy has many tips on home energy efficiency

1 December 10

The Pacific Energy Center or home energy improvements
            AND             (at the same place)
Energy independence is the wrong goal- by Andy Grove

5 November 10

Electronic Equipment Recycling by HOPE most any time.

5 November 10

At the Green Spot an Ocean Friendly Garden

3 November 10

Sustainability and limits of growth

19 October 10

GreenFest & 10/10/10 in PG?

27 September 10

What is really the greenest building in PG?

11 June 10

Here is the styrofoam form link

9 Jun 10

Added available Museum words ( more to come)

20 May 10

Update the contents of the Links page

20 May 10

Transitions Projects Lists, from Programs page or from the Homepage

11 February 10

Ad Hoc Alternative Water Committee Report to PG Council

9 January 10

Abstract from "Hightower Lowdown" newsletter.

7 January 10

Blog by Dave Ewoldt really aspects of transition from a system view.

7 August 09

Info on a small business that is based on transition action. "Transition Indrusties" in AZ.

6 August 09

See how dry cleaning can be GREEN. ( right column )

4 August 09

New, what SPG has coming up.

29 July 09

Link on home page to CSA links on buy local page.

27 July 09

Monterey County Transition draft links;
on the home page
on articles page
actual draft

27 July 09

Interview with Rob Hopkins founder of Transition Towns in the UK.

23 July 09

2 new links to Transition Town activities.

23 July 09

New link to SPG page on green businesses in 'Buy Local' place.

23 July 09

Funding efficiency improvements from bond generated funds.

14 July 09

Funding efficiency improvements from bond generated funds.

14 July 09

Good Guide product site and/or product site

9 July 09

Sierra Club Green Home site.

20 June 09

SPG binder content online for all to see.

9 June 09

About Peak Oil & our food supply.

3 June 09

Address by Paul Hawken.

25 May 09

What food has most and least pesticides.

11 May 09

How to clean the air you live in with plants.

11 May 09

What food you can grow in PG.

2 May 09

Lots of info on CFL light bulbs.

11 Mar 09

Transition Towns interview Jennifer Gray, a pioneer in the Transition Initiative in the UK.

26 Feb 09

Transportation plan for SF Bay Area that could be our model .

23 Feb 09

Best and worst autos for energy efficiency, 2009 .

22 Feb 09

A link to written thoughts, by Larry Telles, on transportation in PG.

6 Feb 09

A link to a new book on Sustainable Energy - without the hot air .

1 Feb 09

A link to Info on what Transition is.

15 Jan 09

A link to WW1 Victory Garden Book link.

9 Dec 08

A link to Local Climate Change Panel.

5 Dec 08

A link to The Story of Stuff.

5 Dec 08

A link to Journal of Energy Security.

20 Nov 08

A link to op-ed in New York Times by Al Gore.

20 Nov 08

A link to Google to find how to use public transit all over the world.

4 Nov 08

David Orr article on what we can expect from global warming linked from the Articles    page.

7 Oct 08

For the Al Gore energy independence speech made on May 18,2008 see the Links    page.

12 Sep 08

Page on plastics on the market today,    what is safe and what is not, done by "Green Guide" from "National Geographic Society" ( It is linked from the Green_Tips page. )

11 Sep 08    is a site by Consumer Reports and Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). It "exposes front groups" ( or see SPG Links    page).

9 Sep 08

The report of study made for PG City Council on Storm Water storage and reuse ( linked to WATER subtopic on the home page).

8 Sep 08

Updated July 5, 2011.